New PS5 console coming in 2024

by nativetechdoctor

Sony seems to have a plan to launch a new version of the PS5 console in 2024.

According to ComicBook , a new report has claimed that Sony is gearing up to release a new model of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console in 2024.

Since the PS5 first launched in late 2020, many fans have been patiently waiting for Sony to reveal a ‘Pro’ version of this console, similar to its PS4 predecessor. And while the new version that is supposed to be released doesn’t appear to be the PS5 Pro, it will bring some pretty big changes.

According to Insider Gaming, internal sources from Sony have suggested that the next PS5 revision will arrive sometime in September 2024. The new version is said to have nearly the same hardware specifications as the current version. The main difference, however, is that Sony will combine it with a removable drive. This drive is said to be able to connect to the PS5 via the USB-C port on the rear. Furthermore, Sony will sell these drives as part of a bundle that comes with the PS5 or they will be sold individually.

The most interesting detail of the news is the hint that the PS5 Digital Edition will become the new base model of the PlayStation console that Sony will produce. While the drives are still available for use, they will no longer be attached directly to the PS5, which could help simplify Sony’s manufacturing process. In addition, there is the possibility of helping Sony make the PS5 a bit more compact than it is now.

If this news materializes, it will be seen as a move that shows Sony is pushing players to buy more games digitally. While this was seen through the release of the PS5 Digital Edition, it looks like buying games this way will be a bigger focus for Sony after a while of rolling out the latest generation consoles.

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