Nintendo reveals plan to protect game development during earthquakes

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Nintendo has revealed the company’s disaster response plan, should a major earthquake affect its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.

According to VCG, up to 18.5% of the world’s earthquakes occur in Japan, although the country’s area covers only 0.25% of the planet’s area, the information provided by the Ministry of Land, infrastructure, and tourism (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Tourism) Japan.

During a Q&A session at Nintendo’s recent shareholder meeting, the company was asked what its business plan would be if a natural disaster severely impacted the company’s headquarters.

President Shuntaro Furukawa has stated that even in the event of such a disaster, the company still has a detailed plan for how it can continue to operate.

“Even if our business continuity is hindered by a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or by some dangerous infectious disease that spreads easily and seriously affects health, we still have a documented response plan and have taken various proactive measures to be able to resume operations as quickly as possible,” he replied.

“If disaster strikes, we will convene a response committee headed by the president, which will act to confirm the safety of employees, protect the integrity of company assets, protect ensure personnel and communication system for remediation.”

Furukawa also stated that Nintendo has taken other measures such as creating data backups and hiring multiple production partners to ensure any disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

Nintendo is headquartered in Kyoto, which has been hit by earthquakes of magnitude 4.4 and 4.3 over the past few months.

In April, Nintendo announced that it had successfully purchased the land next to its headquarters in Japan and plans to build a new 12-storey development center there by 2027.

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