Nokia announces new logo after 45 years

by nativetechdoctor

Right before the MWC 2023 exhibition taking place in Barcelona (Spain), the telecommunications company Nokia announced a logo refresh to separate it from what they are commonly known as a smartphone manufacturer.

According to Neowin, explaining the logo change this time, Nokia President and CEO Pekka Lundmark said, “In the minds of most people, we are still a successful mobile phone brand, but this is not the case. “We’re focusing a lot on networking and industrial digitization, which is completely different from mobile phones in the past.”

Although Nokia phones are still on sale now, they are made by Finnish mobile phone manufacturer HMD Global Oy. The new logo information comes just a day after HMD Global announced the Nokia G22, a phone that can be easily repaired by its owner and still uses the old logo.

Speaking of design, Nokia’s new logo offers a significant departure from the one the company has used since 1978. In the press release, Nokia describes the new logo as “the symbol of a full Nokia energetic, dynamic and modern”. “It is designed as a symbol of partnership, which we believe is crucial to realizing the exponential potential of networks, unlocking sustainability benefits,” the company said. , productivity and expandability”.

Along with the rebranding, Nokia also announced a strategy new corporate. When Lundmark became CEO of Nokia in 2020, he laid out a three-stage strategy: reset, accelerate, and scale. Once the reset phase is complete, Lundmark says the second phase is starting. He said Nokia will prioritize improving market share in the company’s business by selling network equipment to wireless service providers. According to Lundmark, Nokia now has “ammunition and tools” to gain market share without sacrificing profits.

Besides, Nokia is aiming to grow its business by selling its own 5G network to companies. The company’s goal is to push the 8% market share in 5G networks last year to double digits in the near term through growth as well as small acquisitions.

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