Not everyone can respond to your tweet replies. Twitter will introduce this option soon

by nativetechdoctor
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The Twitter microblogging website wants its users to have more control over the response they get in their tweets. The company will soon be able to present 4 variants for this. In this way, users can reply to their posts. This information was provided by Susan XE, Director of Product Product Manager at CES 2020.

Learn about this reply to Twitter:

The first option in this new feature is “Global”. If you choose this, anyone can reply to your post. Another option is group. Only a few people can reply to your tweet. These will be people who will follow you or care for you. The third option is the panel. This includes those who want to join the conversation. At the same time, the fourth option is a statement.

People often start being trolled because of their tweets, sometimes people deliberately bother you. In this case, this function is very useful for you. However, information about how long this feature will take effect is currently not available. But every time it is launched, it is launched for all users throughout the world. The company wants to add a special conversion display function.

Earlier Twitter introduced a feature according to which users can upload full-resolution JPEG images without compressing. The information about this new feature of Twitter was tweeted by executives of the company’s product team Nolan O’Brien. In this, he had said that the quality of the uploaded image would be 97 percent. But when users open a picture using this feature, they will see better quality.

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