Nvidia introduces high-end graphics cards, priced from 899 USD

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Nvidia has just announced three new graphics card (GPU) models based on its next-generation graphics architecture. The products will start shipping next month with prices starting at $899.

According to GSMArena , RTX 4090 is Nvidia’s most advanced GPU version in this launch. This GPU is equipped with 16,384 CUDA cores with a clock speed of up to 2.52 GHz. The card comes with 24 GB of GDDR6X memory and a 384-bit memory interface. Nvidia claims the RTX 4090 is 2-4 times faster than the RTX 3090 Ti. RTX 4090 is rated at 450 W and uses either a single 16-pin PCIe Gen 5 cable or three 8-pin PCIe cables. The card costs $1,599 when it’s on sale from October 12.

Next is the RTX 4080 in two variants. The higher-end variant has 9,728 CUDA cores and a boost clock of 2.51 GHz. The GPU has 16 GB of GDDR6X memory with a 256-bit interface. Nvidia claims the RTX 4080 is 2-4 times faster than the RTX 3080 Ti. The second variant uses 12 GB of GDDR6X memory with a 192-bit interface and 7,680 CUDA cores and a boost clock of 2.61 GHz. The 16GB variant has a capacity of 320 W, while the 12 GB variant has a capacity of 285 W. Prices for them are $1,199 and $899 respectively when they hit shelves in November.

The highlight of the new GPUs is that they are based on Nvidia , equipped with 3rd generation RT cores, 4th generation Tensor cores and support for new features such as DLSS 3 or encoder. AV1.

Compared to the RTX 3090 Ti with 40 TFLOPS, the RTX 4090 has 83 TFLOPS. Thanks to Shader Execution Reordering, shader performance is claimed to improve by 2x and in-game frame rate is 25%. Nvidia also claims RT performance on the RTX 4090 is around 191 TFLOPS, while the RTX 3090 Ti is 78 TFLOPS.

The new 4th Gen Tensor cores are said to have 5x the throughput on the RTX 4090. The 40 series GPUs will also feature two of the 8th Gen Nvidia codecs (NVENC). They can not only decode AV1 but also encode it. Nvidia has partnered with OBS Studio to bring AV1 encoding to its customers, while Nvidia has also boosted ShadowPlay capture resolution to 8K at 60fps and HDR.

One of the more impactful features announced is that DLSS 3 will be exclusive to 40 series GPUs. The new version uses Optical Flow Accelerator and data from frame sequencers to create new frames on the mainframe. GPU (but not in-game) aims to improve frame rates by up to 4x. This method also bypasses any CPU bottlenecks that affect traditional image reconstruction and sampling methods as the frame rate increases.

More than 35 games have been announced to support the feature, including Cyberpunk 2077 and Microsoft Flight Simulator. They will start appearing next month. Nvidia also announced a version of Portal with real-time ray tracing that will launch in November and is a free update for existing Portal owners. This is part of the Nvidia RTX Remix modding platform with tools to help improve the visuals of older titles.

Going back to GPUs, the new RTX 40-series models will replace the RTX 3090 series, but are sold alongside the existing RTX 3060, 3070, and 3080 series. Cheap RTX 40 series models will be introduced by Nvidia in 2023.

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