OpenAI deploys ChatGPT Plus package for 20 USD/month

by nativetechdoctor
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OpenAI has just officially introduced ChatGPT Plus – a subscription service for $20/month that offers a number of advantages over the free version that the company is committed to maintaining.

According to SlashGear, prior to the implementation of ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI ‘s ChatGPT was still a free tool for the world to experiment with, although the company had to bear the cost of every query posed to the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) chatbot. ) this. When asked by billionaire Elon Musk for exact numbers a few weeks ago, OpenAI director Sam Altman said that “the average is probably a few cents per conversation.”

Since ChatGPT launched, the tech world has been praising the tool and it’s been used for everything from making movies to writing children’s books. With ChatGPT Plus priced at $20/month, OpenAI aims to target enterprise customers in the near future. Through ChatGPT Plus, users will have access to this AI even during peak hours. Currently, ordinary users have to wait for ChatGPT servers due to overload due to too many enthusiasts accessing simultaneously.

In addition to stable accessibility, ChatGPT Plus will also increase the speed at which users get responses to their queries. Furthermore, subscribers will get priority access to new functions and upgrades made to the system. ChatGPT Plus is already available in the US market, and the company says it will begin placing interested parties on the waiting list in the next few weeks. The company also says the subscription service will soon be expanded to more regions.

On the business side, Microsoft has announced some ambitious plans for ChatGPT. The company is expected to integrate a faster version of ChatGPT to improve the internal Bing search engine in order to challenge Google’s dominance in the web search war. Microsoft also poured billions of dollars into OpenAI with the aim of using OpenAI’s models in its. consumer and enterprise products

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