Opera browser integrates Gemini AI assistant from Google

by nativetechdoctor
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Opera has recently announced a partnership with Google Cloud to integrate Gemini AI models into its Aria browser AI. Aria, developed by Opera, utilizes multiple LLMs (large language models) instead of just one LLM. This collaboration allows the browser to access tools developed for Gemini, strengthening Opera’s AI browser division.

The long-term partnership with Google is expected to drive innovation in the browser space with the support of AI. Opera aims to provide access to Google’s infrastructure, AI products, platforms, and platform models to empower organizations with synthetic AI.

Key features provided by Google Cloud to Opera’s browser include Image Generation and Voice Output, utilizing the Imagen 2 model on Vertex AI. Responses can be read in a conversation-like fashion thanks to Google’s text-to-audio model.

Opera has recently added multiple AI features to its browser, including the ability to download and use LLMs locally on the computer. This provides users access to over 150 models from over 50 families, including Meta’s Llama and Google’s Gemma, setting Opera apart from its competitors.

The launch of Opera One in June 2023 brought significant changes from the original Opera web browser, including a modular design, Tab Islands for grouping open tabs, and the first implementation of Aria AI.

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