Opera releases ChatGPT integrated browser

by nativetechdoctor
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As promised in February, Opera has officially released a new version of their web browser to bring AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities through chatbot integration like ChatGPT.

According to Engadget, the new version of Opera comes equipped with a sidebar that integrates not only ChatGPT but also ChatSonic, while introducing another feature called AI Prompts. To get these features, users need to update their browser, then go to Settings to enable the AI ​​Prompts option at the bottom. For the Opera GX browser for games, users also need to enable the Early Bird option in the browser’s settings.

When the option is enabled, users will see buttons for chatbots on the sidebar of the browser. Clicking this button launches the chatbot in the browser, however, the user still needs to be logged in to be able to use the chatbot. Users can also launch chatbots using the browser’s new context-based AI prompts, which appear when users highlight text on a web page.

The prompt suggests different ways users can use the chatbot with text on the page, such as writing a football commentary and using the information to create quiz questions. To differentiate the chatbots, the green prompt uses ChatGPT, while the purple uses ChatSonic.

Opera says this is part of the first phase of its plan to bring AI to the browser. Phase two will be integrating their GPT-based AI engine. Many technology companies are rushing to launch their own AI products after ChatGPT became popular, in which Microsoft – a longtime OpenAI supporter – launched the Bing Chat AI and Edge Copilot tools when Baidu revealed the Ernie bot a few days ago, and Google also started rolling out the Bard chatbot more widely in the US and UK. The arrival of Opera shows that even small companies want to join and secure their place in the AI ​​race as soon as possible.

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