Peridot Augmented Reality Coming in May

by nativetechdoctor
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The next augmented reality game from the developer of Pokémon Go will be released in early May.According to Engadget , Pokémon Go augmented reality game developer Niantic is about to release a new game called Peridot on May 9.

First revealed last spring, Peridot is Niantic’s first original release since the company relaunched the game Ingress in 2018. The game will expose players to breeding and care. Virtual pet squirrel called Dot. According to Niantic, each Dot will have a unique appearance thanks to a system that allows them to inherit a mixture of “genes” from their parents.

Pre-registration for Peridot is now open on the App Store and Google Play Store. Players who pre-register and play the game within the first two weeks of the game’s launch will receive some special in-game items.

It can be seen that Niantic is looking forward to Peridot and hoping to regain the success of Pokémon Go . The last few years, the company has experienced many failures with their game. For instance, in 2021, the company announced the discontinuation of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Catan: World Explorers . More recently, Niantic laid off about 90 employees and canceled four more projects.

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