PlayStation censors horror game Martha Is Dead

by nativetechdoctor

Wired Productions just posted a notice on Twitter telling PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) owners that their Martha Is Dead game will be censored across systems.

According to Neowin, Martha Is Dead is an upcoming first-person horror game from Wired Productions. The game depicts the scene in Italy in 1944 during World War II when the body of the drowning girl Martha was discovered.

Now, her twin sister, Guilia – the daughter of a German soldier in the midst of a growing conflict between Germany and Allied forces – must find the truth about who killed her. me.

As with many other experiences in the genre, the game has many disturbing scenes, but the number of scenes may be too much for PlayStation to judge more closely. Because of this, the physical release of Martha Is Dead will be pushed back for both PS4 and PS5, although the game will be available digitally on February 24, 2022, through the PlayStation Store. Many contents that PlayStation does not approve will be edited or removed.

One report said the scene PlayStation wanted the developer to modify involved stitches in Guilia’s face. Regardless of the edit, it will be interesting to compare the censored version with the version available on the PlayStation Store in a few weeks.

Martha Is Dead is also coming to PC and Xbox, so if you want to play the uncensored version, you can get it on the Microsoft Store or Steam. Experts say censorship can affect a developer’s creative vision.

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