PS3 titles are now available on PS5’s play store

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Sony is slowly revealing more backward compatibility as it brings PS3 games to the PS5 store.

According to VCG, PS3 games have begun to appear on the PS5 store, amid suggestions that Sony may reveal more backward compatibility support for its new-generation console.

Previously when viewing PS3 games on the PS5 store, players would be directed to the PlayStation Now version of the game. Recently, however, the game Dead Or Alive 5 displayed a price instead of navigating to another version, partly indicating that players will be able to play them on PS5.

Other users on social media also claimed that they had seen similar listings for PS3 games like Bejeweled and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and The Two Thrones, each showing a sale price. mine.

The game list has emerged after multiple sources discovered a patent, filed by Mark Cerny, system architect for PS5, titled “Backward compatibility through the use of spoof clock and fine grain” frequency control” – talks about backward compatibility operating on technologies Spoof Clock and Fine Grain Frequency Control

This has led many to speculate that Sony has finally developed a solution for older titles and may soon extend PS5 backward compatibility support.

The patent also comes after a Bloomberg report from December, which claimed that PlayStation is preparing to launch a service that competes with Xbox Game Pass codenamed ‘Spartacus’. The new service will combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now and phase out PlayStation Now’s branding. It is expected to launch for PS4 and PS5 this spring.

The Spartacus service will split into three tiers, the first of which is said to feature PlayStation Plus’ current capabilities, such as online play and free monthly titles. The second tier will offer a large catalog of games, similar to Microsoft’s Game Pass service. The third tier will add extended demos, game streaming, and a library of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP classic games.

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