PS5 reportedly struggling to run some games in 4K, developers complain

by nativetechdoctor
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PS5, the console everyone kept talking about before the console launch. And while many developers praise it, less enthusiasm is unheard of. The latest news is that things will not be so much fun for the Sony console.

The current generation of cross-platform game development is not a problem for studios, as the Xbox One and PS4 are technically very similar. The same goes for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which have many similarities, such as The introduction of the same generation of AMD processors and GPUs. However, the two companies’ approaches are slightly different.

While Microsoft is focused on the raw performance of the Xbox Series X, Sony has put more emphasis on the performance of the PS5 SSD to provide a smoother experience than ever before. As a result, cross-platform game development may not be as easy as it used to be, and developers have to adjust to the specifications of the two consoles. According to recent rumors, a third-party developer may have a problem with the PS5 hardware.

PS5: fake 4K for some games?

Earlier this week, insider Jeff Grubb hinted that the developers were having trouble with the console’s variable-frequency approach. He warns that players might be “disappointed” with some great third-party games. Another warned, Dusk Golem – known to reveal information related to Capcom – points in the same direction. Big games on the PS5 might struggle to run in true 4K, he says.

Developers are thus forced to resort to upscaling. In other words, to offer “fake 4K” just like with the PS4 Pro. The leaker specifies that developers would not face the same problem with the Xbox Series X, which promises to be the more powerful of the two consoles and which in addition will be marketed at a lower price.

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