PUBG: New State adds the world’s fastest electric car model

by nativetechdoctor

The updated version of PUBG: New State has just had the appearance of Rimac Nevera – fastest electric car the world’s from the Bugatti brand.

According to Gamepur, with the arrival of Rimac Nevera, this will give gamers a perfect match. The descriptions of this electric model suggest that it is a shiny, high-speed vehicle and gives gamers mobility the advantage in survival battles. There is currently no set date for the vehicle’s arrival, but developer Krafton says it’s “coming soon”.

Rimac Nevera isn’t the only one coming to PUBG: New State . A preview of the game has also been posted showing that new content launching next week will include the addition of a new Extreme mode, which is limited to 64 players and 20 minutes for some fast-paced matches. much more. There’s also the appearance of the P90 assault rifle coming to the game, along with two new attachments and general balance changes for all weapons.

It is known that next week is the start of the first official season of PUBG: New State. Pre-season ratings will be reset, so players will have a chance to earn points to level up again.

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