PUBG: New State introduces 20-minute arena, new SMGs added

by nativetechdoctor
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One of the new changes of PUBG: New State is the appearance of BR:Extreme mode limited to 20 minutes and 64 concurrent players.

BR:Extreme is a new mode coming to PUBG: New State , which can be seen as a shortened version of the traditional 100-player battle royale battlefield. In which, only 64 players participate at the same time and the match lasts 20 minutes. Along with that is a neater map and the battle area is randomly arranged in each match.

Participants will start with a fixed gun set with 2 item packs in unannounced locations on the map. The time to land after jumping out of the plane is also shorter, increasing the frequency of Delivery Drones…

In addition, the new update also brings an additional weapon, the P90 (SMG). Guns included in Care Packages drop randomly on the battlefield. P90 is equipped with 5.7mm ammo and does not have any mods to change or support.

In contrast, the game has added some fine-tuning capabilities in other gun lines. Players are now allowed to attach Flash Hider, Compensator to the DP-28 gun, but will reduce the damage of this weapon. The Lightweight Stock accessory has been updated to increase the accuracy of bullets when firing from the hip and shoulder with increased aiming speed, along with a decrease in gun stability.

In another development, PUBG: New State recently cooperated with Bugatti Rimac, so players will easily meet the electric Rimac Nevera on the map and use this vehicle to fight.

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