Qualities required to work at Apple

by nativetechdoctor

During a recent meeting with students, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared the qualities the company looks for when interviewing employees.

According to GizChina , there are four qualities that Apple leaders prioritize for candidates working at the company. Tim Cook also added: “We have a group of people in the company who really want to change the world , want to enrich people’s lives, want to leave the world better than they saw it. It’s that feeling that drives people to do their best work, and I’ve seen it happen over and over again with unbelievable results.”

So what is this list of qualities? Let’s find out together.


Mr. Tim Cook said “collaboration” is an essential skill for anyone who wants to work for Apple. This quality is something that any company needs to create a new product . For Apple, it’s the cornerstone of the company’s strategy. “We believe that strong individual contributors are really the key, but two strong individuals working together can create incredible work, and small teams can create amazing results,” he said. even more amazing.”


In addition, Apple employees should also be creative . That’s why the company is always looking for people with a different mindset. “We look for people who think differently, can see an issue and don’t get caught up in dogma about how it should always be viewed,” he said. So we look for someone who will go around the problem, look at it from different angles, and use their creativity to come up with solutions.”


When you don’t know something, it’s never bad to ask a question. There are no bad questions. So if Apple sees candidates with a thirst for knowledge, the company is willing to hire them. “Curiosity is being curious about something that raises a lot of questions, whether you think they’re smart questions or stupid questions. It’s amazing how someone starts asking questions at an early age, how much pressure it puts on that person to think through the answers. And so we looked for this innate curiosity in people,” Cook said.


Finally, Apple employees need to be experts in their field. In this sense, we should mention that expertise comes from previous education and work experience. “If we were doing something in industrial design, we needed someone who was knowledgeable in industrial design and had skills in this area from their college days,” said Mr. Cook. or through their working days”.

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