Robot arm moves like a human, can lift weights

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On a YouTube channel called Automaton Robotics, engineer Łukasz Koźlik often posts videos that update the development of the robotic arm step by step. This person said the artificial arm works by electrohydraulic, consuming 200W at peak operation.

Presently, the robotic arm has only half the number of artificial muscles compared to the muscles within the human hand, lacking the finger flexors, and the hand and wrist bone motion remains to be incomplete.

According to IFL Science , for the past 7 years, Łukasz Koźlik has set his sights on creating probably the most advanced humanoid robot in the world . Realizing the potential to develop robots that mimic human muscle activity, he built a complex system of artificial muscles, combined with software to aim for a robot that may move rapidly and efficiently. and affordable price. The movement sequence is written into easy commands on the software , sent to the robot arm.

Every muscle of the robot is a McKibben muscle or a pneumatic artificial muscle, after pumping air or water in, the muscles will be bent and relaxed at will.

This methodology initially proved efficient, serving to the robotic hand to comfortably stretch every finger. The warm water flowing through the veins synthesizes almost like hot blood.

Engineer Łukasz Koźlik is building an additional body and arms that match right into a skeleton. Working nearly alone, he solicits donations from the web group by way of movies posted on YouTube and hopes to create a whole humanoid robot for them to become housekeepers, workers, and assist drivers.

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