Rumor has it that the iPad Air M3 is equipped with an OLED screen

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Many reports suggest that the release of the iPad Air M3 with an OLED screen might be delayed until 2028.

Following the recent launch of the new iPad Air, rumors about its successor, the iPad Air M3 with an OLED display, have started circulating.

Speculations indicate that the new iPad Air will feature Apple’s latest M3 chip, which has been integrated into many of the company’s other devices. Since the iPad Pro currently uses the M4 chip, the upcoming iPad Air is a strong contender to be equipped with the M3 chip.

However, reports from MacRumors suggest that the iPad Air M3 with an OLED screen might not be released as soon as anticipated. The source believes that Apple could unveil this product between 2026 and 2028.

This delay may be attributed to production challenges. Apple is collaborating with TSMC to manufacture the M-series chips, and commencing mass production of new chips immediately after the launch of the M3 (and subsequent products) could pose significant difficulties. Additionally, Apple might prioritize depleting its existing M3 chip inventory before introducing the M4 chips for the iPad Pro or Mac.

Despite the prolonged wait for the iPad Air M3 with an OLED screen, this development could be beneficial for the environment. Continuously producing new chips can lead to resource wastage, so Apple extending the use of the M3 chip could help minimize the negative impact on the environment.

In conclusion, information about the iPad Air M3 with an OLED screen remains speculative, and nothing has been officially confirmed by Apple. Nevertheless, if these rumors hold, users may have to wait considerably longer to get their hands on this product. Many sources believe that ‘iFan’ will have to wait until 2028 to see the iPad Air M3 OLED launch.

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