Samsung ‘gifts’ Galaxy users a quality photo processing application

by nativetechdoctor
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Samsung has just released a new app called Galaxy Enhance-X for users of its Galaxy devices that offers an “amazing AI photo editor and image enhancer”.

According to GSMArena, the name of the product suggests that this is an editor for existing photos and not a camera app like Expert RAW that Samsung released for Galaxy devices not too long ago. This allows users to edit photos even if they were taken in the past.

algorithms Artificial intelligence can blur or add some portrait effects, brighten dark photos, or simulate HDR. They can sharpen images, remove reflections, and even apply beauty modes.

An interesting feature of the Galaxy Enhance-X is the ability to remove the motion effect that occurs when taking digital screenshots. Several options allow the user to increase the strength of the effect, as well as a window showing a comparison of the image before and after making edits. In addition, both the original and the processed image are stored in the gallery, so the user can go back and make the edits again if they decide they don’t like the results.

Some of the effects offered by Galaxy Enhance-X are great for creating photos taken with Galaxy phones with cameras older, and less capable Users are even equipped with an AI enhancer that can increase the image size from low resolution to 2 or 3 times its original size.

The Galaxy Enhance-X application is currently available from Samsung on the Galaxy Store. Interested users can also download a copy of the app from APK Mirror.

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