Samsung released white paper of its 6G plan, get ready for hyper- connected experience

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South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has released a new generation of 6G white paper. 5G services have not even been started in many countries in the world, In such a case, Samsung surprised everyone by introducing a white paper with 6G connectivity. Samsung has released its white book entitled “The Next Hyperconnected Experience for Everyone”. In this context, the company talks about 6G’s vision of how the next generation communication system will work. The white paper explains the possible schedule of technical and social megatrends related to 6G, new services, applications, candidate technology, and standardization.

Through Samsung’s Next Generation Communication Technology 6G, users will be able to get hyper-connected experience. The company has set up an advanced R&D hub for 6G research through its research wing Samsung Research Established in May this year in the name of Advanced Communication Research Center. Sunghyon Choi, head of Samsung’s Advanced Communication Research Center said, ‘As you know that commercialization of the 5G network is currently in the early stages, it is not too early to start preparing for Next Generation Communication Technology 6G because it is completely It may take up to 10 years to be prepared from.

Will roll out by 2030

He added, “We have already launched a research and development center for 6G technology, and we have integrated multiple generation communication technologies in it, including 5G.”In its white paper, Samsung stated that research on 6G technology will be completed by 2028. It can then be commercially rolled out by 2030. The main users of this hyper-connected technology will be humans, and AI operated machines. They will have access to a variety of advanced services such as Extended Reality (XR), High Fidelity Mobile Hologram, and Digital Replica.

A tetrahertz (THz) band will be required for a 6G network. It will be delivered through the Enhance Coverage through Novel Antenna Technology. It will work on high frequency band duplex technology that will support wireless communication equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). 5G networks currently run on the MHz (MHz) frequency band, which are of two types stand alone and non stand alone.

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