Samsung revealed a 512 GB DDR5 RAM module using HKMG

by nativetechdoctor
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According to SlashGear, this new module from Samsung is not only the first module based on the new DDR5 specifications, but also the first high-capacity module produced using the high-K method. Metal gate or HKMG. Because the DRAM components are smaller, the insulation to prevent leakage currents is also smaller. The solution that Samsung found was to replace traditional silicon-based insulators with new metals and materials, just as HKMG did.

The switch to HKMG and reduced current leakage also brings other benefits, in that Samsung was able to reduce power consumption by 13% while increasing performance to 7,200 MB / s, double that of DDR4. These are similar traits in DRAM designed for energy-efficient data centers.

Samsung is no stranger to the HKMG process as the company used it for GDDR6 memory in a graphics card back in 2018 and for the first time in the industry. Along with the Through-Silicon Via (TSV) technology that it has used for many of its DRAM products, Samsung is proud to be the only company in the market capable of such a feat.

Of course, Samsung’s 512 GB DDR5 RAM based on HKMG is still in the verification phase. However, even after the company gets over this, users shouldn’t expect it to come to the consumer market as the company is targeting customers in the AI and machine learning industries. exascale math and data center.

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