SketchAI, an app to turn your drawings into works of art

by nativetechdoctor

Picsart, the photo-editing app developer, is getting into image-generating AI with SketchAI.

Image-generating artificial intelligences (AIs) are swarming the web right now. And it is not today that the trend will be reversed. Picsart, the American company that created the photo and video editing application of the same name, has just presented its new tool: SketchAI. Like Dall-E, Nightcafe and all the others, AI is able to transform photographs. In addition, SketchAI allows its users to modify their sketches, even very sketchy ones, into digital art.

From draft to masterpiece

In fact, the use is quite simple, and even neophytes easily find their marks. Once the image is loaded, the application offers several pre-selected artistic styles. Whether generic styles (ink, pencil, etc.) or styles inspired by real artists. As with other tools of its kind, SketchAI includes the possibility of adding text to the image for more precision in the final result.

However, Picsart intends to stand out from its competitors. Rather than create yet another image generator, the company wants to integrate its experience into SketchAI. Interviewed by TechCrunch, Vice President of Product Development Lusine Harutyunyan said, “We are thinking of adding features that allow the user to enhance and play with their results, as Picsart is known for its powerful and fun editing tools. ».

Well aware of the controversies that surround certain graphical representations of AI, the company nevertheless wants to be reassuring. Thus, Picsart claims that measures are in place. In particular, filters, limit the production of “dangerous” works. It remains to find a solution for artists who do not want their style to be imitated. In the meantime, the application leaves the field open. New users get five free designs before they need to check out, and Picsart offers three separate subscriptions. $5.99 per week, $17.99 per month, or $69.99 per year. Note that SketchAI is only available on iOS devices at this time.

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