Skype updates the self-censorship group and 3×3 video calling interface

by nativetechdoctor
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Despite announcing the custom version of the Team, Microsoft recently announced it will not delete Skype, especially given the increasing demand for online meetings during the COVID 19. The company announced that they will continue to add features to Skype and introduce Skype version 8.60, one of the major updates for Skype.

A new version will soon be available for all platforms, and new features will also support all running Skype platforms. The group video call feature supports 9 participants simultaneously with on-screen video calls. Microsoft has included this feature in the team application and allows users to view 3×3 network calls from conversation members. This function is specific to desktop applications.

Another important new feature in this version is support from the moderated administrator group. It allows you to create groups where selected users can become administrators so that you can control the contents of the conversation. Only administrators can make calls in this group. If you have created a chat group with the specified roles, this group will automatically be the moderated group in the new version.

There are a number of other changes, including the ability to customize the list of reply messages so that they appear in the order you want. There are also new keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform certain actions via Skype, even if the window is minimized or not selected and there is no lack of stability improvement. Skype 8.60 was launched last week, but Microsoft only received changes today so some users might not get new features.

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