Software error causes iPhone 14 screen to have horizontal stripes

by nativetechdoctor

More and more iPhone 14 users are starting to report a horizontal line appearing on the screen when the phone boots up.

According to BGR , while most say this problem started appearing after the iPhone 14 was updated to iOS 16.2 , others believe it happened some time with iOS 16. In a thread on Reddit, iPhone 14 Pro Max users say this problem occurs when the phone restarts. Sometimes it’s just one line on the screen and sometimes it’s multiple lines.

One user said: “I just received the iPhone 14 Pro Max last Friday (December 9). I noticed that when the phone reboots, the horizontal lines flicker across the screen. This happens randomly, not every time the phone reboots. Sometimes it’s just 1 line, sometimes it’s multiple lines. I took the machine to Apple, they ran the diagnostics and everything was back to normal. The technician told me it was not a problem with the hardware but with the software. He told me to erase my iPhone to get it back to a new state, and that might fix the problem. I did that, but it still happens. I just updated my phone to iOS 16.2 and it’s still working. Has anyone else been through this? What could that be?”.

Some users reported that disabling the Always On screen feature, manually turning off the phone, or resetting the phone to its factory state can fix the problem. However, some users said that restoring their iPhone 14 Pro Max did not solve the problem.

An Apple support member said that the company was aware of the problem and that it was caused by the driver. An update that fixes this bug is expected to roll out to iPhone 14 users soon. Apple is testing iOS 16.3 beta 1, so it’s likely that the patch will be released through iOS 16.2.1 in a few weeks. again.

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