Some iPhones affected by a black screen issue

by nativetechdoctor
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Some iPhone 12 owners have complained about the strange behavior of their smartphones at startup. For some, the iPhone 12 screen remains black and the Apple logo doesn’t appear. Others have a blinking Apple logo. Fortunately, everything seems fine after a while, but users are worried.

There are indeed several testimonials on the Apple forum, as well as elsewhere. A problem that would have been raised to the ears of the American firm since an internal note from Apple distributed to its technicians indicates that it is a bug and not a hardware malfunction of the product. Good news.

In spite of the fact that it knows about this, the American company isn’t giving any solutions right now. Apple demonstrates that no maintenance is important and indicates that this weird conduct doesn’t show up until the iPhone 12 startup and that it doesn’t have some other symptoms or results. The Cupertino company is as yet dealing with it to give an answer for its clients.

In any case, there is little chance that the next version of iOS will fix this problem. There is indeed no question of a dedicated fix for this problem in the “release candidate” of iOS 14.5, the latest version of the operating system before its deployment to the general public. Users will therefore have to be patient. Fortunately, this concern does not seem very restrictive.

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