Sony announces ‘huge’ sales of PS5

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Sony Interactive Entertainment broke records when it shipped an unbelievable number of PlayStation 5 consoles in the first 3 months of the year.

According to Engadget, when the supply shortage is resolved, Sony is receiving a huge demand from users for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) game console after a long wait.

The company just posted a blockbuster second quarter in a row when it sold 6.3 million PS5 consoles compared to 2 million units last year. This brought total console sales for fiscal 2022 to 19.1 million units, completely beating Sony’s own previous forecast of 18 million. The company has now sold a total of 38.4 million PS5 consoles since the console was released in late 2020

However, Sony also faces bad news in the software segment. Accordingly, game sales fell to 68 million compared to 70.5 million in the same period last year and were lower than total sales in the fiscal year (264.2 million compared to 303.2 million in a fiscal year). 2021). PlayStation Network users fell from 112 million to 108 million last quarter, while PS Plus users increased but not by much.

All of this resulted in a sizable increase in revenue for the Gaming & Network Services division, to 1.073 trillion yen ($7.9 billion) from 665 billion yen ($4.9 billion) the previous year. However, operating profit fell due to the affected exchange rate. For the year, Sony posted sales of 3.9 trillion yen ($29 billion), up from 2.7 trillion yen ($19.9 billion) the previous year.

The company is confident that this growth trajectory will continue next year, forecasting revenue to grow 7% in fiscal 2023. It predicts hardware sales to increase, including peripherals, although the company hasn’t mentioned anything about the results of PlayStation VR2 so far.

Sony’s video game segment still dominates its other divisions. Overall, Sony set a new fiscal year revenue record with 11.5 trillion yen ($84.8 billion) in revenue and 1.21 trillion yen ($8.9 billion) in profit.

Not stopping there, the company also recorded a big win against its biggest competitor. Recently, the UK decided to block Microsoft’s merger with Activision over concerns about cloud computing, although Microsoft has said it will oppose the decision

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