Spotify: Allows parents to check the history and block content

by nativetechdoctor
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Last October, Spotify released Spotify Kids, an application that allows parents whose children use a music platform to open their hands. On this day, Spotify offers parents more ways to protect their children from inappropriate music.

In particular, from today, parents will be able to see their children’s stories while blocking content that they believe children should not be able to see.

In order for parents to access the settings, they must go to the ” Grown Ups” section and then choose which account should see history. There will be all the songs the child has heard in the past three months. In the same section, parents can block content they deem inappropriate by long pressing.

Up to this moment, the Spotify Kids has 8,000 songs, stories and audiobooks. Finally, Spotify says that these are some of the first protection features that will come to the children’s platform.

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