Spotify also jumps into the AI ​​game

by nativetechdoctor
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Spotify music streaming software will have its own artificial intelligence (AI), acting as a personalized DJ for each different user.

Spotify is an online music service with a huge data store, but the “best selling point” is the ability to accurately recommend music according to listeners’ preferences. That strength continues to be pushed to a new level when the company announced that it will apply artificial intelligence to the role of personal DJ on this popular music player.

The DJ, who is tasked with selecting and playing music at events, has become a suitable role model for artificial intelligence work on Spotify. AI DJ will be tasked with playing the music that the user likes or at least the DJ thinks the account holder wants to listen to.

The new feature is essentially an extension of the existing recommendation algorithm on the platform but adds its own AI-generated voice to interact with users. The artificial DJ can turn on the songs that users often listen to, listen to continuously, or based on the genre and content, to suggest new music that the owner has never known to increase the experience for them.

If you don’t like the suggestions, users can “wake up” the DJ and ask to switch tracks. Over time, artificial intelligence will gradually absorb and select according to needs more accurately, according to the AI ​​training model based on “loading” data to become intelligent. The new feature is currently in Beta so it will be released depending on the market.

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