Tencent, Krafton receive 10 million USD in compensation from PUBG Mobile hacking group

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Tencent Games and Krafton have won a lawsuit against a PUBG Mobile hacking group that is spreading cheats to players.

According to Dotesports, at the beginning of the week, federal courts in the US and Germany ordered the PUBG Mobile hacking group to pay damages of $ 10 million to the game developers.

Tencent and Krafton called the ruling a “resounding victory” for the fight against fraudsters in the video game industry. The two companies said they would use any compensation from such cases to further develop technology anti-cheat in the game mobile survival .

Besides ordering the defendants to stop their illegal cheat development activities, the court also asked them to provide details on how PUBG Mobile was exploited to perform the hack.

The victory comes after police Chinese busted a major video game fraud case last year in a partnership effort with Tencent Games. Local police called it the “world’s largest” fraud after recovering a large amount of money and properties, including luxury cars.

Rick Li, the PUBG Mobile producer representative at Tencent Games, said in a statement that “Millions of players worldwide enjoy PUBG Mobile and we will ensure a level playing field for everyone. Sadly, the actions of hacker groups undermine the fairness of the game. These judgments send a clear message that we will not tolerate cheating in PUBG Mobile.”

Hacking in PUBG Mobile is a major problem that disrupts the experience of casual players. Recently, Tencent announced a strict anti-cheat measure that bans cheating players’ devices from accessing the game. As a result, verified cheat devices will be permanently banned and cannot log in or create an account in PUBG Mobile.

Tencent also releases a weekly report showing the number of hacked accounts banned. The latest report from December 24-30 last year showed that 827,365 accounts were banned. In addition, hundreds of pages, Facebook groups, and Instagram accounts were also taken down for fraudulent distribution or advertising.

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