Tesla launches Starlink internet service at Supercharger charging stations

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Some Supercharger charging stations in the US states of Connecticut, Florida, and New York have installed Starlink discs so customers can access free Wi-Fi service.

According to Engadget, this is part of the goal that Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a month ago when he aimed to provide free Wi-Fi at Supercharger charging stations. According to a report from Electrek reception, the owner of a Tesla electric vehicle discovered the Starlink disk for satellite internet located at charging stations.

It’s currently unclear how this has been implemented, with one owner saying the Wi-Fi internet service is called “Tesla Service”. This implies it can be used for Tesla service centers. In addition, there is also a broadcast Wi-Fi signal called Tesla, which can provide a free internet connection through the Starlink service.

Other Starlink disc installations were discovered at Superchargers in Lake City, Florida, and Long Island, New York. Nearly a month ago, CEO Elon Musk reaffirmed that Tesla owners will have Wi-Fi access at Superchargers.

The installation of Starlink disks at Supercharger charging stations is said to be no coincidence as the company is opening its charging network to non-Tesla electric vehicles. In November, Tesla officially opened its Supercharger charging stations for other electric vehicle brands in the Netherlands. To access the Supercharger charging station service, non-Tesla owners must use the app Tesla to charge and pay for the service. As a result, internet access will be the basic requirement for the company’s open Supercharger charging stations.

Tesla has not yet commented on the report, but without the need for broadband internet service, Starlink’s connection (average about 97 Mbps in the US) is believed to be just enough to handle the problems. transaction. However, low bandwidth also means that users can experience network congestion when charging stations are overcrowded with people connecting.

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