Tesla was in danger of only a month of bankruptcy

by nativetechdoctor
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Now Tesla has become the most valuable car manufacturer and according to some reports, it is also the most profitable company in the world in this field. But not too long ago, Tesla went out of business.

That was CEO Elon Musk’s new revelation on Twitter this week that said the company was in the midst of filing bankruptcy within a month, when the company had trouble implementing and bringing it up. Tesla’s Model 3 sedan came to market – the model that went on to become the company’s best-selling electric car.

In the latest tweet, he wrote, “On that near bankruptcy we had only one month to change the situation. Deploying the Model 3 to the market was stressful and under pressure for a period of time. long, from mid-2017 to mid-2019. A manufacturing and logistics hell “.

At the time, Tesla was in a serious cash crisis when it suffered losses and struggled to achieve different production goals for the Model 3. However, at the time, Musk did not disclose that the The company is about to file for bankruptcy, though he once “joked” about the possibility of filing bankruptcy in a short tweet posted on April Fool’s Day, 2018.

Today, Tesla’s conquest in the car market has many advantages, even though it also faces stiff competition from other stalwarts. Tesla recently released its record of sustainable returns, industry-leading profitability and strong cash flows. This strengthens investor confidence with Tesla’s stock value increasing more than 400% this year.

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