The new accessory for DualSense that can help you game with one hand

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A player has designed an accessory that can be attached to the PS5’s DualSense controller, allowing players to manipulate the game with one hand.

According to Engadget, some players find it difficult to use the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, in part due to its size and weight. So one YouTuber tried to make it easier for other players to control PS5 games by designing a new accessory.

Youtuber Akaki Kuumeri has designed a set of built-in accessories that allow players to use DualSense with one hand. It is 3D printed and attached to the left side of the handle. Its task is to fully control the buttons as well as the scroll lever on the left part of the DualSense.

When placed on a surface (or on a lap), the player can move the stand underneath to control the scrollbar to the left of the handle. The accessory’s cloned L1 and L2 buttons are also located on the right side of the handle, making it easier to press the real L1 and L2 buttons from the right hand. Finally, the moving buttons of the left part are also arranged by the accessory set next to each other just above the right function buttons.

Because the DualSense has a symmetrical design on either side of the button, Kuumeri says the accessory parts are reverse engineered to fit the other side of the handle. Kuumeri submitted the kit to a contest for one-handed controller designs. You can download the files and 3D print them for your personal use at .

This accessory can be useful for gamers who often have problems using DualSense with both hands. In one video, Kuumeri demonstrates how easy it is to play It Takes Two with one hand.

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