The number of iPhone users in the US surpasses Android

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A new study from Counterpoint shows that more than 50% of active smartphone users in the US run iOS, marking the first time that the iPhone has surpassed Android since its launch.

According to AppleInsider, this report comes not long after Counterpoint said in its quarterly report that Apple is increasing. A new report shows that the number of smartphones with iOS installed is now more than 50% of the total number of smartphones used daily in the US.

Counterpoint analysts say this is the highest percentage of active iPhone users ever since the iPhone. was first launched in 2007. Counterpoint research director Jeff Fieldhack said: “The operating system is the same as religions – never changed significantly. But over the past four years, the flow has been constant from Android to iOS.”

Counterpoint’s report adds that while more than 50% of the iOS market share is from Apple, the remaining nearly 50% of the Android market share is installed on about 150 devices from many different manufacturers.

It is known that Apple has not reported sales of its iPhone for the past few years and most Android manufacturers do the same. However, the data from Counterpoint is completely grounded as a report from StockApps in April 2022 showed that the Android market share globally has dropped by 8% in the past 5 years, while iOS has increased by 6% in the same period. time.

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