The original Half-Life is coming to a VR version

by nativetechdoctor

Long-time fans of the game Half-Life are about to experience a whole new gaming sensation with the virtual reality (VR) version.

According to The Gamer , not only Half-Life 2 by fans has been brought into the virtual reality (VR) world , coming from October 20, the original 1998 version of Half-Life will also be explored through the prism. virtual reality.

Accordingly, a VR mod created for Half-Life will bring enthusiasts of the classic shooter game back to the Black Mesa base, use a crowbar to smash, or secretly read someone’s email. fully through the true images of virtual reality.

Even this version supports melee weapons in the trailer when players are smashing glass and crawling through broken doorways just like in the original. In addition, there are turrets and missile launchers. It can be seen that players will experience the original Half-Life to the fullest with a more immersive feeling.

The mod will be officially released on the Steam platform, what you need to experience the game is a copy of the original Half-Life and a VR headset. Learn more about the mod at .

According to the author, the mod has been in development since 2017, has diverse configuration capabilities and supports all VR hardware using SteamVR’s VR Input system.

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