The reason why Advanced Warfare 2 was canceled has been revealed

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The development of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2 almost happened, but everything has been canceled for unknown reasons so far.

According to Dexerto, previously when Advanced Warfare was born, the game brought a revolution to the Call of Duty (CoD) series when it brought new ways of moving (flying in the air). Although loved by many, there are also other opinions that this new experience has ruined CoD.

In the face of many opposing opinions, the CoD fan community continued to receive rumors in October 2022 that Sledgehammer Games was working on a sequel to Advanced Warfare

But on February 9, 2023, Insider Gaming reporter Tom Henderson reported that Call of Duty 2023 will be a full game rather than a premium DLC (expanded). Henderson added that the game will be connected to Modern Warfare and developed by Sledgehammer Games, quashing any hopes of an Advanced Warfare return.

fans many Advanced Warfare This news has disappointed me. Not stopping there, recently, former Sledgehammer Games senior creative director Brett Robbins continued to “rub salt in the wound” of the community when revealing that Advanced Warfare 2 almost happened in 2017.

Accordingly, in a MinnMaxx interview, Brett Robbins explained why they decided to develop Call of Duty: WWII instead of Advanced Warfare 2

“We had some early prototypes and even almost did a demo of Advanced Warfare 2, but then we felt WWII was a better opportunity,” Brett said. for having made Advanced Warfare 2, but redirecting to WWII was the right choice.”

Before making the final decision, the Sledgehammer Games development team had to consider a lot between following the World War II theme or using more modern gameplay. In the end, most members of the development team wanted to go back in time to World War II, and Advanced Warfare was shelved

Robbins added that they will want to revisit Advanced Warfare if the development team wants to continue. However, Activision has not yet confirmed its plans for CoD 2023, so everything is still behind a big question mark.

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