The reason why Google has a connection loss problem

by nativetechdoctor

Google’s data center in Omaha, Iowa (USA) experienced an electrical explosion that injured three people, and that may have caused an outage for some of the company’s services today. 9.8.

According to Neowin, the incident happened at a complex near Manawa Park, home to one data center of Google’s largest A Twitter account that said local police chat on the station released claims that multiple people had been injured.

Local site Omaha World-Herald said two people were taken to Nebraska Medical Center by ambulance, while another seriously injured person was transported by helicopter. The local fire department is still looking into the matter, though assistant superintendent Council Bluffs said it was definitely electricity.

Records from the Downdetector page indicate a loss of connection to Google services on the morning of 9/8, with more than 30,000 people reporting the problem. Affected Google services include Search, Maps, and YouTube depending on the region. All affected services have now been restored.

Google has yet to make an official statement on the issue and whether the disruption is related to the fire incident.

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