The seller of the Destiny 2 cheat software has a shocking statement about Bungie

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The maker of cheat software claims that its software has helped Destiny 2 increase its player count.

According to The Gamer , Bungie’s battle against websites selling cheat software for Destiny 2 has taken a strange turn. One of the sellers claimed that their cheats ‘help’ the developer, not even harming their game.

Bungie’s legal wrangling with the makers of the cheat software has been going on for a while. To date, the company has sued at least three infringers and has also teamed up with other game developers like Riot and Ubisoft to do so.

Bungie also achieved certain success when receiving $ 13.5 million in damages. However, one of the defendants responded in a rather unusual way., owned by Phoenix Digital Group, is one of the businesses fraudulent software Interestingly, the defendant argued that Bungie actually benefited from his scams.

As reported by PC Gamer , an press release on the website said: “Bungie also claimed that we caused serious harm to their game, when in fact it was months. Their highest number of players and sales is the period when AimJunkies is providing the software. We have the faith and intention to gather evidence to disprove one of their extravagant claims.”

Although AimJunkies’ claims may seem absurd, it could still be one of the reasons to hit Bungie’s psyche. This shows that Bungie’s battle against cheaters isn’t over yet and there’s still a long way to go.

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