The speed of deployment of Android 10 is outstanding

by nativetechdoctor
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Google has just provided some statistics on how fast Android 10 adoption works to devices, showing it is faster than any previous version of Android.

the company acknowledged how the Treble Project’s efforts helped overcome the current Android fragmentation problem. The project launched with Android 8 Oreo allows OEMs and processor manufacturers to develop devices and silicon from each other separately. This results in a 2.5-fold increase in the speed of implementation of Android 9 Pie. The company added that all pre-installed devices in the Google Play store are compatible with Project Treble.

In addition, Google has made further efforts, such as: For example, efforts such as publishing Generic System Images for application compatibility and working with OEMs to release developer previews for non-Pixel devices increasing Android 10 applications 1.5 times. Additionally, Project Mainline has added the ability to update major operating system components directly from the Play Store, reducing dependency on operating system security updates. According to Google, Android 10 runs on 100 million devices after five months of a startup – 28% faster than Android Pie.

Google aims to further improve the adoption of the operating system with the next update to the platform. The company has added nine operating system components that can be updated through the Play Store. The company is working to provide Generic Kernel Image (GKI) by isolating code at the core level which will help make security updates faster and work with all Android devices. Google is also working on an “A / B virtual” OTA update system equipped with seamless updates.

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