The Tesla charging station vulnerability allows rival electric cars to charge batteries for free

by nativetechdoctor
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Tesla’s Supercharger Station is often not a place where competing electric vehicles can charge their batteries, but chargers in Europe have had problems now making that possible.

A report from Electrek shows that Tesla’s Supercharger V3 charging station in Europe has a vulnerability that allows non-Tesla electric vehicle users like the Volkswagen ID.3 or the Hyundai Kona Electric to charge their batteries for free. V3 charging stations in Europe use the CCS charging standard and are supposed to restrict the charging of Tesla cars from charging through management software.

It’s not clear if this software flaw will affect other charging stations, but this is clearly a bug that Tesla needs to fix.

Earlier, the company said that the Supercharger charging station’s ability to charge non-Tesla electric vehicles would require payment. Meanwhile, the aforementioned loophole allows these electric models to be charged without any charge.

It is known that the free charging at Supercharger charging stations is a privilege that Tesla gives to its customers. It will not be surprising that Tesla soon updates its software to block the free charging hole for competitors as mentioned above.

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