The US stopped extending TikTok and moved to support divestment negotiations

by nativetechdoctor

The organization of US President Donald Trump has recently quit allowing ByteDance an expansion in a decree requiring the Chinese company to divest its US capital from TikTok.

In August, President Donald Trump gave the Justice Department the right to authorize the divestment request order its lapse, however, didn’t indicate when or how the public authority may look to constrain TikTok to strip.

Mr. Trump is believed to have personally made the decision not to approve any additional extensions at a meeting of senior US officials, after the additional deadline 15 days earlier and seven more days after the deadline. original 90-day deadline – that is, last November 12, by Trump’s original decree.

The Justice Department and the White House were not available for comment while TikTok declined to respond to press reports around this new information.

Previously, the Trump administration said that TikTok had raised concerns about national security because personal data of US users could be collected by the Chinese government. Meanwhile, TikTok – the app now has more than 100 million US users, has denied this allegation. Under pressure from the US government, ByteDance has been negotiating for months to finalize an agreement with Walmart Inc and Oracle Corp to turn TikTok’s US assets into a new entity in this market at the request of the government. President Trump.

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