These features of Android 10 make it a secure operating system like Apple iOS

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Google has named its next operating system Android 10, not naming it as a dessert. With this, the company has broken its old tradition. Android 10 also known as Android Q. In the Google I / O held this year, the company revealed about its many features. These special features of this latest operating system make it an operating system challenging Apple iOS 13. Engineers from Google have added system wide dark mode to this latest operating system. Apart from this, its gesture navigation has also been upgraded. Come, know about these features which makes it a special operating system ..

Dark mode

This feature was already rolled out for Android 10 ‘s public beta. This feature was revealed at the Google I / O held this year. In this you will get the experience of the Dark Mode theme across the device. You can enable or disable it in the phone’s battery lab by going to the Settings app. Users have been demanding this dark mode features for a long time.

Location permit

In Android 10 , you can give permission to the app location on your own. In this, if you want, you can give permission to one app at a time or you can give location permission to all apps simultaneously. You can enable or disable location permissions by going to system settings. This feature has been brought in to take care of the privacy of the user.

Fast sharing feature

Fast sharing feature can be given in this latest operating system just like Airdrop. It has been spotted in the beta version. Through this feature, you can transfer files from your smartphone much faster.

Battery indicator

Compared to the old Android OS, a different type of battery indicator can be given in it. In this, you will tell the time of when to charge the phone.

Color scheme

The user interface of this operating system has been introduced with changes. In this, you can see many types of color schemes. This can be seen in the developer option of its beta version.

Wi-Fi QR Code Connection

In this new operating system, you do not have to enter a password repeatedly to connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi. In this latest operating system, Wi-Fi QR code feature will be provided, which you will be able to scan and connect to the device. This connection will be secure due to the QR Code feature.

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