This App Turns Your iPhone and Ipad Into iPod Classic

by nativetechdoctor
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We download emulators from 3rd party sites because Apple does not allow emulator apps in the App Store. However, Louis Anslow, application developer, has succeeded in creating applications that emulate the surface of iPod classic on your iPhone. Rewound is a free iOS application that skillfully turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic.

Application makers know that Apple Apps doesn’t allow Apple product images and interfaces to be used, which makes it a challenging task. Rewound functions as a third-party music player that offers an “Add skin from photos” option that can be used to mimic the iPod Classic user interface.

You can add special skin photos to the application. After you add the iPod Classic theme, which is not available by default in the application, you will get iPod Classic as a button and virtual click wheel.

Another point that arouses my interest in the Rewound application is fast feedback at the push of a button.

This application can search the music library to search for artists, albums, playlists, and tracks.

according to The Verge, Rewound’s inventors said the idea behind the application was to restore nostalgia for using devices such as iPod Classic on modern devices and using the classic click wheel to interact with the application’s user interface.

Currently rewound only supports Apple Music, but the application states that the developer is trying to integrate Spotify and notify users via email.

Overall, this is a wise decision and we hope Apple will not disable the application in the near future.

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