This big problem will come to YouTube due to Coronavirus

by nativetechdoctor
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Because of the corona virus problem, many people can work from home from the office. Not only the office, but also the university was closed. Working from home is also problematic in many ways. In fact, many videos are now being deleted or downloaded on YouTube. This is because people go on vacation because of this virus and this work is done by automated software.

Google published in a blog post that companies must rely on artificial intelligence (AI) for YouTube and other business areas so people can work from home. Such software is not as accurate or exact as we humans are. In such situations, there is a possibility of more mistakes or mistakes than before. If a YouTube video contains a small bug, it will be removed from AI, which will delete more videos from the platform. Let us know that videos on YouTube that violate our company policies will be removed from the platform.

Google said there might be a delay in AI’s decision to video. At the same time, this process can take time when political decisions are automatically reviewed by people. YouTube’s content policies include ad campaigns that run on the Google ad network, applications uploaded to the Google Play Store, and annual reports published on Google Maps.

According to Google, support from several users, advertisers, developers and publishers can also be displayed in response time. Because this support has been given to these people through chat, email or self-service channels.

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