TikTok adds support for 1080p video uploads

by nativetechdoctor

In addition to the recent addition of a recommendation algorithm, TikTok also launched a series of new editing features that improve the look and feel of users’ videos.

According to Engadget , one of the most important updates this time is that the service already supports 1080p video upload in some countries. Users can share videos in this resolution by enabling the Upload HD setting from the More options section of the publishing page.

Along with that, the service also provides an easy way to improve the overall look of the video. With the Visual Enhancement button, TikTok says it will improve exposure, low-light, and color correction aspects of a video with a single tap. After recording or uploading a video, users can click the Enhance button on the right panel. If you don’t like the changes, simply tapping the button again will undo them.

In addition to the aforementioned features, existing TikTok users also have the addition of Giphy integration into Green Screen, allowing them to use GIFs from the Giphy library as background for videos. Meanwhile, more music effects and animal voices are also added.

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