Tiktok made serious allegations on Facebook, saying – Chor, know what the whole matter is

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The owner of TikTok has made serious accusations on Facebook’s social media platform. ByteDance calls Facebook a thief. Facebook also accused ByteDance of harming the company. The Chinese company said it was currently facing serious expectations and above. This is the moment about becoming a global company.

The Beijing-based ByteDance Company commented on the matter on Sunday and published an official post on the Jinri Toutiao news aggregation application. On behalf of the company, the position is said to have worked quickly to become a global company. At the same time, the company is suffering from an uptight political atmosphere internationally. The company also faces many challenges.

ByteDance accused Facebook of stealing and copying in the same post. a company that has Facebook recently launched a new game role like Tiktok. Tiktok also criticized Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg accused Tiktok’s application last year of limiting political protests, which Tiktok denied.

59 applications, including Tiktok, were banned in India due to national security reasons. Tiktok is expected to be banned in the United States after a ban in India. President Trump announced this and said the Tiktok application could be banned. Meanwhile, it has been announced that you will buy the Tiktok application from Microsoft. The Trump administration also advised Tiktok to complete an agreement to sell the application within 45 days. In such situations, the agreement is expected to be completed on September 15.

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