TikTok may soon introduce paid subscriptions

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ByteDance’s platform explores different possibilities to stimulate content creation. Among them, the establishment of paid videos.

TikTok is reportedly working on a paid video model. According to The Information , the platform is looking for new features to improve its audiences with a more mature audience. And the paywall is one of the options.

Concretely, this would allow TikTok users to set a price for viewing their content. Of course, this does not mean that all videos in the account would become paid. It would, in fact, be a kind of subscription to access “premium” content. However, the trend is far from new. Instagram, among others, already integrates this functionality. And this applies to Reels as well as Stories, or any other type of content.

restore balance

In addition, TikTok is preparing to launch a new creation fund in the United States. Which would be fundamentally different from the original version, currently available in France and Brazil. The Information recalls that this fund was launched in 2020, but that it is strongly criticized by popular content creators because of the low remuneration granted. As a result, the social network would like to restore the balance and pay more to the participants of the program.

Obviously, TikTok isn’t acting out of sheer goodness of heart. To put it simply, measurement is a necessity in the face of the methods put in place by the competition. As a reminder, YouTube now shares advertising revenue from its Shorts up to 45% for creators. Including when using licensed music, since February 1st. In other words, the platforms are waging a merciless war to attract creators and their followers. A war in which TikTok is bogged down, failing to live up to its opponents. It remains to be seen whether the introduction of a paying model and a new remuneration fund will be enough to restart the machine.

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