TikTok overtakes Google to become the most popular website on the internet

by nativetechdoctor
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TikTok seems to have done the unthinkable, overtaking Google as the most popular website in the final months of 2021.

According to GameRant, Google is the most popular name for internet users. Users every day use dozens of services of the search giant such as checking email with Gmail, searching with Google Search, in addition to working with other services such as Google Books, Maps, News, Photos, etc. Drive and Translate.

It’s no surprise that Google has long been more popular than any other domain name. But now that’s no longer true, since late 2021, Google has been surpassed by an app built for short, funny videos. TikTok is currently the top-ranked domain on the internet.

The report comes from Cloudflare’s year-end review, which reviews everything on the internet. Cloudflare explains that although Google may have dominated 2020, 2021 is something completely different. TikTok won on the first day on February 17, then continued to gain more in March and May. By August, TikTok had won more than lost to Google and formed a lasting outperformance trend. through November and especially strong in December.

A similar report from Cloudflare made in late 2020 shows just how spectacular TikTok’s growth has been. At the end of 2020, TikTok was ranked 7th in popular domains. Standing below Amazon and above YouTube. At the time, Facebook was firmly below Google in second place, but the social network rarely overtook Google. TikTok was up for a while before November 2020, but it wasn’t until February that it really took off, followed by declines in May and July, followed by strong rallies in the second half of the year

To answer the question of why TikTok became the top site of 2021, just look at the video platform itself. With unique content, hugely popular every day, it’s a mix of not only celebrities but also news and events, jokes, and creative and videos art.

Currently, TikTok overtaking Google as the most popular website by the end of 2021 is extremely significant in internet history.

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