TikTok staff get to decide which videos stand out

by nativetechdoctor

TikTok has just confirmed that some employees in the US have the right to push videos into the For You section as they want to spread to the community on purpose.

According to TikTok, the granting of the above permission is to “introduce celebrities and emerging content creators to the user community”. Earlier there were reports of the “Heating” button on the platform being used to push pre-selected videos into the For You section of the user interface, helping to increase views through an ongoing algorithm. “operating” experiences on this platform.

Jamie Favazza, a spokesperson for TikTok , told Forbes that increasing views for specific videos also serves another purpose. Accordingly, the short video sharing platform from China will “introduce videos to diversify the content experience”. Favazza also revealed that TikTok doesn’t do that often, but only 0.002% of the videos in the For You section are pushed manually on purpose.

Forbes has obtained internal documentation on the matter, and it has been verified that uploaded videos account for between 1% and 2% of total views per day. Such content is not labeled to indicate interference from TikTok as a promotional or sponsored video. Instead, they appear completely normal as if selected by the algorithm for the viewer.

But TikTok isn’t the only social media company that pushes video to viewers in a calculated way. Facebook was once found to be showing increased views and did not immediately fix it to convince advertisers and media companies to come to its platform. But in the end, the company was fined up to 40 million USD for that fraud. TikTok’s roadmap is similar, though not entirely, when what the company does is making users think its product is more effective when demonstrated here.

This also means TikTok has the right to choose winners and losers in their game: content creators and many brands can lose their place on any user’s For You page by just one person. have a better relationship with the company side. ‘ investigation According to Forbes , there have been cases where TikTok employees arbitrarily push content (without their permission) to promote videos of friends, partners, even from their own accounts.

Creators can get bored with the platform when they see their videos don’t perform as well as videos pushed in the background when TikTok is lacking transparency on how to identify which videos are trending organically. Currently, the video social network from China is facing stiff competition from other platforms, including YouTube. The Google-owned company recently wooed content creators by cutting for them a portion of the revenue it generates from Shorts, its short video service. Meanwhile, Instagram is also boosting creator spending on Reels.

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