Top 4 iOS 13 Downgrade Tools 2019

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Have you recently updated your iOS device to iOS 13? and is it giving you problems?

Don’t worry – you are not the only one, because the problem occurs more often than you can imagine. Often, iPhone or iPad users update their device to another corrupt beta or iOS version, which they later regret. You can use the iOS 13 downgrade tool to fix this situation.

However, you must be very careful when choosing software to downgrade your device. If the iPhone downgrade tool isn’t reliable, your device might freeze or lose all data completely. To teach you how to downgrade your iPhone software as a professional, we have selected 6 recommended tools here.

1. dr.fone – Repair


  • High performance and very easy to use
  • There is no loss of data or unwanted damage to the device
  • Broad compatibility with every iOS flagship model (iOS 13)


  • Only free trials are available

Follow the steps below to downgrade iOS 13 with dr.fone – Repair.

  • Start the dr.fone toolkit and connect your iOS device to the system with a working cable. Start the Home “Repair” section to continue.
  • The welcome screen displays options for playing standard or advanced modes. Standard mode safeguards your data, while advanced repairs can also fix a number of major problems. Select the appropriate option when you are ready (in this case Standard Mode).
  • In addition, the application automatically takes details about your device and displays them in the UI. Instead, because you need to downgrade the iPhone software, change the current version of the iOS 13 system to an existing stable version and start the process.
  • There he is! This starts downloading the selected firmware.
  • After the firmware download is complete, you will be notified. Just click the “Fix Now” button to bring down your iPhone / iPad.
  • Then dr.fone automatically restarts your iPhone when the stable version of iOS is installed. After all, you can safely erase your iPhone and use it on the old iOS that you have chosen.

2. Tinyumbrella

this software is Developed by The Firmware Umbrella, this is a freely available Windows application that can be used to downgrade the iPhone software. Ideally, the application will be used to activate or deactivate iOS devices in recovery mode. Or, you can use it to install forced iPhone software updates to downgrade.

Because it’s free, you don’t have to pay anything to use this iPhone downgrade tool.
This application is rather complicated to use and you must first download the appropriate IPSW file. This is mainly used to charge and exit the iPhone in recovery mode when the device is in recovery mode. To be positive, you have to jailbreak your iOS device. During the downgrade, delete the data on your cellphone.


  • Freely available
  • It can boot the device in recovery mode
  • It can also fix problems that exist in recovery mode problems


  • Difficult to use
  • Only available for Windows
  • Little success
  • This will erase the data on your cellphone

3. TaigOne Downgrader

If your iOS device has been damaged, you can also use the TaigOne downgrade. As the name implies, your iPhone or iPod will be downgraded to the existing firmware version. This is not a formal solution but can cause undesired damage to your device (including data loss). You also need the help of a third installer like Cydia to get the TaigOne downgrade.

This is a free iPhone software downgrade application available for jailbreak devices.
Users must choose the firmware update that they want to downgrade their mobile.
The operation removes existing data and stored device settings.
It does not work with the latest iOS models such as the iPhone XR, XS Max, etc.


  • Freely available
  • Automatic firmware download


  • The data that is on your device will be deleted
  • Only works with jailbreak iPhone models
  • Does not support new firmware updates

4. iAnyGo

This is the last place in the list of iOS downgrade software that you might consider. Although the trial version of the iOS Downgrade Tool is available free, it cannot meet your needs. If you want to easily downgrade the iPhone software, you must download the Premium Desktop application.

This application automatically detects your device and displays various supported iOS versions. You don’t need to download the IPSW file or firmware separately because the application does this for you. Although the application does not guarantee that the data on your mobile will be stored during the process. It supports the latest versions of iOS up to iOS 12.1 (does not support iOS 12.3 or iOS 12.2).


  • Using this tool is easy because it has a friendly interface.
  • Users can choose the version of iOS that they want to downgrade


  • Not available for free
  • From now on it doesn’t support the latest iOS 12.3 or 12.2
  • You can delete data that is on your cellphone

Now you have 4 options to downgrade your iOS 13 software, you can easily choose the best alternative. From the suggestions above, dr.fone – Repair is certainly the best downgrade tool for iOS that you can try. Not only do you downgrade your iPhone software, but you can also fix all kinds of problems with your iPhone or iTunes. Keep the tool ready and never again experience unexpected data loss due to iOS downgrades.

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