Twitter And Facebok Has blocked many government-backed accounts

by nativetechdoctor
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Social networking sites Twitter and Facebok have blocked several government-backed accounts. More than one social media account of US government institutions has been blocked because of the manipulative operations carried out at US President Donald Trump’s favor. Social media platforms believe that government-backed propaganda is being spread through these accounts. Twitter reported that 88,000 accounts that were sponsored by the Saudi state were blocked, and were performing information operations and regulations.

Facebook has blocked the accounts of Vietnam and American networks which were misleading American citizens by pro-Trump messages as well as affecting Georgia’s domestic audience. Facebook is already constantly trying to stop government sponsored misinformation and automated accounts being operated by bots (which were delivering the manipulated information on the platform).

Most of the accounts that Twitter has blocked were Arabic and favored the Saudi government and were bringing its geopolitical interest to the world stage. Twitter has given this information through its blog post. Twitter said that it has released details of 5,929 of these accounts as a representative sample. At the same time, 88,000 such suspicious accounts have been blocked. Twitter found in its investigation that this kind of activity is being carried out by a Saudi-based social media marketing firm. Because of this, these accounts have been permanently blocked from the platform. Some of these tweets are of 2016 to support the campaign of US President Donald Trump.

Facebook said that it has blocked a total of 600 accounts of Facebook and Instagram. All these fake accounts have been automatically remitted by our system. These fake accounts were managing many pages and groups from which a large number of posts were being shared.

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