Twitter buys a podcast app that builds the sound for Spaces

by nativetechdoctor
1 minutes read

The podcast application developed by Breaker supports Twitter in setting up the Spaces sound system. Last month, Twitter announced publicly that it was testing Spaces as an acting audio-enabled chat rooms in the social networking platform.The company now has the development team behind Breaker, a podcast app that focuses on social and community elements since its launch in 2016 (version 1.0 of the app launched in early 2020 for iOS and Android).

The move will help improve the sound of conversations on its service, according to Michael Montano, Twitter’s technical lead.In a blog post, the Breaker team also announced their podcast app would be shut down Jan. 15, and instructed users how to export OPML subscriptions for use in other podcast apps.

Currently Spaces is still in limited testing for invited users, while the Clubhouse app has recently become known for audio discussions. There are no specifics on what type of technology the Breaker team will build, though the ability to export podcast-style chats could help extend the discussion beyond those who are listening in person.

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